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Not in Your Breed-Prologue by Songal Not in Your Breed-Prologue :iconsongal:Songal 1 0
POA Harvest Festival Chapter 7
Harvest Festival Chapter 7
Ending in Forgiveness
The night in the town of Aether had been graced with a bright, silvery moon. Candlelight and the light from the gourds created a pathway to the cathedral, both for mons and spirits alike. Children ran among the leaf piles, donned in masks and colorful paints to ward off the eviler spirits and help lost ones find their way.
Jules, Liam, and Gavin walked along the lit path of gourds, pointing out ones from their native lands, some from lands they had recently visited, and others from those yet to be visited by either of the mercenaries or merchant.
“So, what are we gonna do?” Gavin questioned. He looked to his best friend for an answer, but Liam was looking at Jules. Her expression was very sullen as they walked among the graves now. A few ghost mons, not spirits but real live ones, floated over graves to place offerings or say something to the spirits below. One Duskull was conversing with a small group of young knights as the
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POA Harvest Festival Chapter 6
Harvest Festival Chapter 6
A Dance for Two, with One
The bubbly voice belonged to an Oricorio, their yellow plumage a bright and sunny contrast to the browning grass they stood on.
“Oh umm, hello…? Have we met?”
“Ah I am sooo sorry! I’m Suleta, the chorographer for Lorenzo’s troupe. He’s talked nothing about you since he saw you earlier and when he did I just HAD to come see you! Is it true you’re from Artiphron? How do you know Rotsam? Want to dance?!!” The Hyper Oricorio asked such fast questions but the last one Jules caught and stumbled a bit.
“D-Dance?” She meeped and quickly Suleta corrected themselves.
“Oh-oh not with me, I’m hosting a dance for the festival and everyone gets to come! You don’t even need a date just go and dance and have fun! So, will you, will you?!” They held their puffy wings up to Jules, their eyes bright and pleading with her to join them. Thinking about the dances she
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POA Harvest Festival Chapter 5
Harvest Festival Chapter 5
Jules's True Palette
After a wonderful lunch with delightful companions, Jules walked about the town of Aether. All around she saw children running amok, dressing the town in piles of leaves they threw about while their parents and other adults either joined in the merriment or rolled their eyes and went about cleaning up the leaves from their shops and doorways.
“You always told me that Aether was the place to come for fall and festivities…right Galahad.” Jules said so softly she wasn’t even sure she’d said it herself. Telling the troupe about why she’d come here had brought up the difficult memories of her Sawk love no longer of the earthen plain. She was so distracted in her own thoughts that she didn’t realize she’d been knocked down until the sky replaced the cobble stone road.
“Oww, who the--?”
“Sorry! Sorry ma’am!” A Spinda wobbled apologetically, gourds spilling from their a
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POA Harvest Festival Chapter 4
Harvest Festival Chapter 4
Conversations over a Feast
A large tree provided a beautiful Ombre vibrancy, starting out green at the base of the leaves, going into shades of golden orange and ending in a red brighter than the red of Ares’s armor. At least to Jules’s artistic eye. But it was a picturesque setting for a picnic feast.
Plates of meats, cheeses, berries and veggies were strewn across the soft blanket that covered the browning grass.  There were breads, pastas, salads, even more oriental dishes of rice and fish set abound. Platters upon platters; plethora’s of delectable pastries were what truly had the young Smeargle’s mouth watering.  She waited till all the others had started piling their plates before grabbing a healthy array of meat, berries, vegetables, cheese, and homemade bread.
“Everything is too wonderful to even begin consuming!” Lorenzo proclaimed in his theater voice.
“Here here!” The troupe echoed before in
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POA Harvest Festival Chapter 3
Harvest Festival Chapter 3
Shadow to Light
“So, you all failed miserably at this simple task.” That suave voice of the Zoroark was starting to grate on Jules’s ears more and more. That growing snarl on the fox’s face almost made her shutter, but after arriving back in Aether and feeling solid ground beneath her feet once more she felt more than ready to face the conniving canine and take whatever he threw at her.
Of course, him mocking the grass knots she’d set almost caused her to unleash a blast of Whirlwind and Grass Knot at him and see if he liked it just as much as those Passimian’s did. But she did mean almost. She was surprised that he complimented Liam, turning to see the Sawk standing close to her. He smiled and thanked Umbra before the Zoroark tossed each member a bangle.
“They allow the use of Feint Attack a few times, most of you should be able to put them to their intended use. Though you lot may have been completely inept at your
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POA Harvest Festival Chapter 2
Harvest Festival Chapter 2
Consequences/Perks of Sea Travel
Jules felt the rockiness of a boat beneath her. Her whole body had that groggy feeling; like when she’d given wine a try at her hometown’s tavern and had instantly gotten a huge headache that made a Psyduck’s seem tame. Memories of the past week came back to her like sand pouring through her fingers on the beach.
The tribe leader, Thembeka had barely allowed anyone of the guilds to walk away without forming the alliances that were needed. She and the other tribes were brought to see that coming together with Aether would be the best way to go about riding their land of the scourge that still threatened them. Then they had been put back on a boat and shipped back home.
It took three weeks and for many still recovering from the status ordeals, those weeks felt more like months. Even Jules, who had grown up near the ocean and boats, was constantly over the side chucking up anything she put in her stomach. The do
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POA Harvest Festival Chapter 1
Harvest Festival Chapter 1
Starting out with a Poisoning
Poison. Seeping through my veins and every pore in my body. It suffocates me; sets everything inside on fire. I cough but it strangles me. I want to vomit but no bile rises. Even if it could I would choke and die from it. Then again, I feel as if I am dying now.  Such a shame I’m not near my homeland, at least there I would have coins placed under my tongue for the ferryman of the Underworld as I drew my last breath. I can only pray that these villagers lay me to rest quickly, if not use me as a food source. I cough, my nostrils fill with a different cloud of toxicity. Smoke? Or, was that the smell of Hades domain, his reaping claws finally grasping my soul for the eternal fields of wandering souls who did not make it to the paradise, Elysium. No matter, if it is then let my body perish and hope that my love still remembers me as I….
Jules’s lungs filled with fresh air and a liquid was washed down he
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Hunter the Pikachu with Alolan Pancakes by Songal Hunter the Pikachu with Alolan Pancakes :iconsongal:Songal 5 6 Jubilee: Gracen Dole Interview by Songal Jubilee: Gracen Dole Interview :iconsongal:Songal 3 2 Jubilee R1 Sizzlin' Snow-Chester's Moment by Songal Jubilee R1 Sizzlin' Snow-Chester's Moment :iconsongal:Songal 5 6 Jubilee R1 Sizzlin' Snow-Getting' Hot by Songal Jubilee R1 Sizzlin' Snow-Getting' Hot :iconsongal:Songal 4 4 Jubilee R1 Sizzlin' Snow-waiting by Songal Jubilee R1 Sizzlin' Snow-waiting :iconsongal:Songal 4 0 Jubilee R1 Winter clothes ref by Songal Jubilee R1 Winter clothes ref :iconsongal:Songal 6 2
PoA Mission 12: Monkey Business
Mind over Nature part 3
Everything fell into sequence: Jules pulled one vine, launching three Passimian into the air before being caught in one of her vine nets. Two more were felled by the grass knots on the earthen ground and Jules, using the Grass Knot attack, yanked them up by their feet and/or hands till they dangled like rabbits in a snare.
“Well, looks like the warriors have done their part, flushing these guys into my traps.” Jules said to herself, feeling a somewhat pride in their actions. But she also knew that more Passimians would be on their way so once again she went to work on her grass art. Only this time she flexed and conformed the plant matter until her captives were encased in greenish/brown cocoons.
As she mentally applauded her job well done her nose twitch as the smell of burning wood and smoke came from another part of the jungle interior. Swiveling it around she found the general direction of the burning grass and underbrush.
Jules chuckled and slip
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PoA Mission 12: Monkey Business
Mind over Nature part 2
“Well well, it appears you lot still haven’t learned your lesson.” The Darmanitan, covered in garb that bore a striking resemblance to the greater monkey-like mon he served, though it was just armor, laughed harshly. Some of the warriors sprung at him, knowing that he needed to be taken down, in order, to cause the kind of chaos that would lead to another victory for a tribe.
“Yes, come. Come and fight me, you cowardice Caterpies. I shall enjoy this bought very much! ATTACK!” He commanded his mini army, though when did mini mean 20 or so crazed monkey/lemur mons thrashing and trying to use beat up on anything that moved.
Through the throng of the battle, even before Cecil had spoken, a Smeargle was running, at speeds that should not have been plausible in the thick growth of the jungle. The winding vines and elevated tree roots posed little challenge as she Quick Attacked through them towards the edge of the jungle grove.
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Daily Paint 1849# Candycane Giraffe by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1849# Candycane Giraffe :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 965 30 Happy Jojo! by relyon Happy Jojo! :iconrelyon:relyon 58 9 Kenji the Fennec Fox by PokesThePocky Kenji the Fennec Fox :iconpokesthepocky:PokesThePocky 3 0 Kurt by xIntoOblivionx Kurt :iconxintooblivionx:xIntoOblivionx 1 0 sheepysleep {g} by scovt sheepysleep {g} :iconscovt:scovt 6 3 An Art Block by TamarinFrog An Art Block :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 218 26 Mommawott :: PMDU Mission 1 END by Mommawott Mommawott :: PMDU Mission 1 END :iconmommawott:Mommawott 29 21


Not in Your Breed-Prologue
Platinum Nuzlocke Prologue page and story

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow I start my Pokemon journey! My three older siblings have already gone on theirs and have either competed in the contest ring, battled the gym leaders, or just left Sinnoh all together. I don’t know what I’m gonna do; even my little brother knows what he wants to do when he turns ten and gets his starter and he’s barely 5! But, even if I’m not sure what path I’m going to take I for sure know who I’m picking as my starter. I remember when each of my older siblings came back to show everyone who they picked: Jessie chose Piplup. Then Torry and Terri, my fraternal brother and sister, picked Turtwig and Piplup again. Everyone said that those two were the best choices, those starters being the exact same kinds our parents chose, and our grandparents. Heck dad even told us his great-great-great-great grandfather had the first Piplup as a starter in all of Sinnoh. I have a hunch he was just exaggerating on that one. Even though my sisters all went for Piplup the Pokemon that I’m going to choose is…well I’ll tell you tomorrow when I get them! That’s all for tonight diary. I’ll be writing in you to catalog my whole journey! This is going to be the start of my own adventure and I can’t wait.

Thanks to :icondragonwolfrooke:'s Misfits Picturelocke I wanted to do one myself :D

Now some things about the title. For the drawings all the Pokemon will have traits that will show they have different parentage's, like spots or patches say from a Spinda but those will show up on a Pokemon that isn't a Spinda. The reason I went with the title "Not in Your Breed" was because all these characters will probably be faced with some ridicule, from other Pokemon or their own inner turmoil. What this title is meant to show is that who you are in not who your bred parents represent. So just because you're a buizel but have Slowpoke colors and markings on you doesn't mean you're slow and dopey. 

My hope is that Not in your breed will connect to us all in that who you are inside is what defines you, not your "breed". I also hope you enjoy my picturelocke and all the characters I hope to make and come across on my first official Nuzlocke journey :D

And yes, I will draw and write out parts as I progress through the game so it will all match in the same time frame. Hopefully I can get the picture of my starter up later tonight and follow up tomorrow too.  

See you all in Sinnoh!

Not in our Breed(c)-Me

  • Playing: Ultra Moon
FINALLY! After months of leveling up Pokemon I caught my FIRST ever SHINY in Moon! A Shiny Alolan Sandshrew I named Snow-Shadow ^^!!
Critical Catch in an Ultra Ball too I am so hyped! This was also a random encounter too. 

And now off to complete the Alola Dex!
  • Playing: Ultra Moon
Happy Thanksgiving all! Those of you eating now I hope you're having fun with family, friends, or people you just met and wound up enjoying this day of thanks together. Same goes for those who have eaten, hope your stomachs are stuffed and you'll all sleep well tonight. 

Everyone be thankful for everything and everyone in your life tonight and make sure you also thank the turkey's that gave their lives for your meal. 

Goodnight all, and hope your Black Friday bargain hunts go smoothly tomorrow too.  
  • Playing: Ultra Moon
With Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon out I've got some plans forming round it, specifically a comic that I'm making as a sequel to my original Sun and Moon playthrough, which I will have details explaining what went on in my original Moon playthrough so people aren't completely lost. But until I play it and get a feel for the game story so I can form my story around it I feel a need to do an ask series surrounding the Unsung heroes of Pokemon, mainly the first evolution's of the starters. 

People always talk about the starters and their final forms but what about the forms you're with the most? In my years of playing Pokemon I can say that while you grow attached to the beginning and final forms of your starter, it is the middle evolution that you really form that bond with because starters don't evolve till they're in the 30's. So now's the chance for the middle evolution's to get their day in the spot light. 

I'll draw up all the first evolution's of the starters, name them or let people name them, then everyone can ask questions for the starters to answer. You can ask more than one question and I will have the starters answer them as they see fit.

List of the Starter's Middle Evolution's

Gen 1:

Gen 2:

Gen 3:

Gen 4:

Gen 5:

Gen 6:

Gen 7:

So get your questions ready and we'll hear from you all soon!
  • Watching: My Shiny Golett
  • Playing: Pokemon Games
Yep, another shiny graced my screen in my X game. I almost didn't catch it because I was too busy trying to hatch an egg to realize my lack of Pokeballs. Thankfully the Eevee on my team had bite and got it into the yellow so I could easily catch it. Now it'll stay a shiny Golett unless I catch another. 

Happy shiny hunting to you all!
  • Playing: Ultra Moon
FINALLY! After months of leveling up Pokemon I caught my FIRST ever SHINY in Moon! A Shiny Alolan Sandshrew I named Snow-Shadow ^^!!
Critical Catch in an Ultra Ball too I am so hyped! This was also a random encounter too. 

And now off to complete the Alola Dex!



United States



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