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My Little Pony Crescent Wing's Cutie Mark by Songal
My Little Pony Crescent Wing's Cutie Mark
This is a new design for Crescent Wing's cutie mark, I decided to make it closer to her talent at making cloud art and it's not as detailed as the last one, plus easier to see and much more like a crescent moon
Cutie Mark and Crescent Wing belong to me
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
A Family of Emeralds: Afterbirth by Songal
A Family of Emeralds: Afterbirth
This image is from a story I plan on writing about my OC Crescent Wing and the family she builds, starting off with :iconblueace1986:'s OC Bluespade as a little tiny newborn foal!
I'm also giving this to him as a gift :D
----Story Time :D
After the incredibly hard birth Crescent went through it was over and now her first born was cuddled against her, held securely in her hooves while friends and family left the barn to give new mother and colt time to bond. One other colt; however, snuck passed the older ponies and straight towards the mare who'd taken him in and now had just given birth. Hearing hoofsteps crunching on the fresh straw Crescent took her eyes off her son and gazed at her younger brother. Smiling, she motioned the young colt closer and whispered in a hushed voiced, "Come closer Wild, he won't bite you though he may try and kick." The mare chuckled softly as the green bright green colt inched closer to the pile of hay his sister and new nephew were  lying on. Carefully he placed a hoof on the straw and peered over his sister's hoof as she flicked her tail away so Wildfly could better see the foal. He was as big as Wild's front leg but still seemed to be so fragile. His bright blue hair and equally bright green coat seemed the glow in the filtered afternoon light from the nearby window, that light made its way to his pastel colored tail that was just lighter shades of Crescent's own mane and tail.

"W-What's his name?" Wildfly gulped as the newborn opened his mouth and gave a silent yawn. Crescent's eyes softened at her son before turning to face her adopted brother.
"His name, will be Bluespade."

Tell me what you think and if you want to read the rest of the story.
Bases used… (Crescent Wing and Bluespade), Unknown base (Wildfly, if base looks familiar please tell me and direct me to it so I can give credit to the original base maker), Apple Family Barn found on Google Images, and I just copy and pasted that pile of hay Crescent is laying on.
Crescent Wing and Wildfly belong to me
Bluespade belongs to :iconblueace1986:
Bases belong to their creators
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
LittleBabyFluttershy's OC Neon as a baby by Songal
LittleBabyFluttershy's OC Neon as a baby
This is a gift to :iconlittlebabyfluttershy: just because he's been so kind to me :)
If you want more information on Neon please go to his page and comment on his wonderfully written story about this character who needs so much love :hug:
The background is suppose to represent what his cutie mark is, since he is a Vampire Bat Pony, but he's a super cute and all around FLUFFY vampire Pony *hugs him*
Base used… by :iconcherrelann:
My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Tales of Tabira Chapter 2 page 4 by Songal
Tales of Tabira Chapter 2 page 4
Page 3 Page 4
Special cameo by Aveline the Buizel(she's suppose to be hovering by spinning her tails)
Panel 1 Emily: You're right Tessa, look at all the 'mons that need help
Panel 2 Tessa: Yep and we're gonna help them with our awesome singing star talent
Panel 2 Emily: Let's see, ooh Alice needs people to find things and bring them back to their owners. And, some 'mons need to go to Darkhowl Woods, Mosswood, and Rivercross Acres...I wonder what's going on at so many different places and if all these missing items are connected with them?
Panel 3 Tessa: Now the only question is...
Panel 3 Both: Which one will it be?
Panel 4 and 5 Both: Ah Ha!
Panel 6 Tessa and Emily: *baff* That one!
If anyone wants to know what the notices are saying then please ask in the comments.
Aveline belongs to :iconwedward45:
Team Serenade Strays belongs to me
:icontalesoftabira: Belongs to all its owners of the group
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Tales of Tabira Chapter 2 page 3 by Songal
Tales of Tabira Chapter 2 page 3
And page 3 is uploaded. Enojoy my attempt at a piece of the town of Tabira with random 'mons walking around. 
Note: If any of these Pokemon are just like your teams please tell me and I'll give you credit. 

And yes that is a bad copy job of Addy the Emolga and Addy belongs to :iconnarelith:

Again, please let me know if you cannot read what is being said.
The Pokemon teams who I do know I have are 
:iconwedward45:'s Team Lancer
:iconhadasamuihikari:'s Team Star Struck
:iconlittlebabyfluttershy:'s Sakura the Pikachu and
:iconblueace1986:'s Scrappy the Skitty
page 2
Team Serenade Strays App
Team Serenade Stays belongs to me
:icontalesoftabira: belongs to all its crators
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
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Just got back from Star Wars Force Awakens. And, this coming from a non Star Wars fan, it was fantastic!!!! The action, the plot, the story, the seems to have redeemed Star Wars 1-3 in my mind for the loyal fans.

Hope your starts were good and hope they get better as the year goes on :D


Sonic Lovin' Girl
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