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My Little Pony OC Crescent Wing by Songal
My Little Pony OC Crescent Wing
Well I've finally complete my Pony OC, and when I say completed I mean got on to actually drawing her out with the help of a base that is ^^;

So here she is, gaze at her Pegasus glory! And now for her info, enjoy :D
Name: Crescent Wing
Nicknames: Cress, Cressy, Crescent, Freaky Flier, Big Wings, Fluffy Feathers
Species: Pegasus
Wing Size: Larger than normal Pegasai and more prominent feathers(think Princess Celestia sized but still not that big)
Height: Typical young adult mare(Mane 6 sizes)
Weight: Typical Pegasus weight
Gender: Female
Age: 16-18(give or take how old the Mane 6 are as she's in their age group)
Home Town: PonyVille
Housing: Tree House on a hill(close to Fluttershy's cottage)
Occupation: Cloud Artist(makes sculptures out of clouds that actually hold their shape longer than normal clouds)
Special Talent: Being Brave no matter what comes her way and never backing down, she's also a remarkable flier all thanks to her large wings that allow her to fly longer than most other Pegasai, they also help her to shape the clouds into shapes when she's commissioned to do a larger project
Mane and Tail(Colors, Length, Style): Pale and dark yellow, light blue, light pink, purple, and teal. Her mane stops just below her shoulders and she usually has two pieces wrapped loosely around each other. For her tail it just barely touches the ground and is a little ruffled from her messing with it when she gets nervous
Coat: Light green
Eyes(Shape and color): Shaped like Fluttershy's and her eye color is a pinkish red(darker pink than Rainbow Dash but not all the way red)
Cutie Mark: A pale yellow, light green, and teal feather curled into the shape of a crescent moon on its side with a light blue star on one end and a strange piece of, what resembles, transparent cloth that's purple with pink and white sparkles
Sky Painter, Mother(OC, deceased)
Sundancer, Father(OC)
Wildfly, adopted Brother(OC)
Bluespade, son(OC, belongs to :iconblueace1986:))
Neon, adopted son(OC, belongs to :iconknightoffluttershy:))
Sundance, Aunt(based on G1 Sundance but is a Pegasus in my headcannon, twin sister to Sundancer and mother to Scootaloo)
Scootaloo, Cousin(FiM Canon Pony, daughter to Sundance)

Storm Feather, Uncle(FiM Canon background Pony, a member of the Wonderbolts, husband to Sundance and father to Scootaloo)

Sun Storm, Grandfather on Father’s side(OC)

Golden Cloud, Grandmother on Father’s side(OC)


Friends: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Princess Luna


Pet: Calypso the Koala Bear(Fluttershy helped Crescent rescue her from a Circus that wasn’t treating its animals fairly)


Personality: Shy, nervous, self-conscious about her wings constantly, caring, always stands up for her friends and what she believes in, and of course brave even if ponies don’t really see it



Born and raised in Cloudsdale, Crescent Wing was born with her abnormally large wings. By the time she was ready to go to flight school her wings were two times bigger than all the other foals and the teasing was harsh. Even though her wings were bigger and she did have trouble keeping her balance at times during flight camp her parents taught her how to ride wind currents to lift her up with minimal flapping; it did the trick and soon she could fly just as good as all the other foals and even some of the adults too. It was the day Rainbow Dash performed the first ever Sonic Rainboom that Crescent Wing got her Cutoe Mark. She was off playing on the clouds with some other foals when she heard the noise the Rainboom caused and her wings spread out in complete surprise. The foals she was playing with started laughing at her wings and the laughter caused Crescent to lose her balance on the cloud and fall off. She tried curling her wings like her dad had taught her and at that exact moment her wings took on the shape of a crescent moon and her cutie mark appeared. One of the camp counslers came flying up to her with a smiling Fluttershy on his back and offered to take Crescent back up to the camp. It was on the ride back the counsler pointed out, “Today must be a special day if two of my campers get their cutie marks”, and that’s when Crescent looked and low and behold saw her cutie mark was a feather just like her own in the shape of a crescent moon. Fluttershy showed Crescent her cute mark of three butterflues and when the two were back on the cloud Rainbow Dash zipped over and showed the two other filles her cutie mark in the shape of a rainbow lightning bolt with a cloud on top. After camp Crescent Wing went home to show her family her new cutie mark and had the biggest Cute-ceanera party.

Sadly this was the last time Crescent would ever feel happy to party for a long time. The next night it was storming badly, Crescent was still awake and waiting for her mom to return from an errand she had in Manehattan. The storm was rough and Sky Painter was soon in danger as lightning struck very close to her. A stray bolt hit the mare in the back of the wings, searing the feathers and making her unable to fly. She ended up crashing into a tree and hit her head. She died instantly and was lucky enough to be found by two unicorns who had been in the area rescuing any stray travelers who got caught in the bad weather. Crescent Wing was still anxiously waiting for her mother when the front door flew open and her Uncle Storm Feather rushed in, grabbed her father, and left. The young filly flew after the two stallions and landed in a wooden cart that held her mother’s parents, Moonbeam and Moon Fire, her dad’s parents, and her Aunt Sundance. Nopony noticed the little green filly as the cart lurched and headed down to the ground. Already there were the Canterlot Medical Officers, doing what they could to either revive the mare or find the direct cause of her death. Crescent had enough of all the grown ponies blocking her so she scrambled under bellies and hooves to reach her mother; her father didn’t have time to call her name before she skidded to a halt. And saw her mother’s lifeless body. Crescent couldn’t scream or make any noise but the tears poured down her face in rivers. She was so paralyzed in fear and disbelief she didn’t feel her dad lift her into his hooves and hold his daughter close as he cried with her while the Pegasus Medics came with a stretcher to carry the desceased body away.

By the following week Sky Painter was laid to rest in the Pegasus Burial Grounds, it was on a hill that many claimed was where Earth Ponies first jumped up and became Pegasai. Crescent Wing stayed by her father’s side and heard every other pony around her crying, sobbing, and praying to Celestia that this beautiful soul would not be lost on her way to Paradise. Crescent’s mother’s parents were the most distraught at the loss of their daughter and at the end of the ceremony they were enraged at her father, claiming it was his fault for letting his wife go out in that weather when he could have instead of being a stay at home dad like he was. Quickly his family defended him and called Moon Fire and Moonbeam out for not being available to watch Crescent Moon the night of the storm. All this fighting was making Crescent’s head and ears hurt, but her heart was hurting as well. Would her mother want to remember her family fighting at her grave? No, she would have wanted everyone to laugh and talk about all the good times they had with her so Crescent Wing charged up to her mother’s grave marker and let out a sob. This sob quickly grew as all the emotions she couldn’t express the night her mom died bubbled over and out. The arguing adults quieted down and turned their attention to the young filly as she cried over her mother’s resting place. Softly trotting over her father, aunt, uncle, and grandparents all laid on the grass next to her and listened to the filly’s heart wrenching cries. Her anguish was like a wave and soon the entire family was crying too, giving a beloved wife, mother, daughter, and sister-in-law a final farewell.

When Crescent Wing was back in Cloudsdale her dad decided to move them away, someplace that was away from the painful memory of Sky Painter where the two Pegasai could make new memories. They moved to Los Pegasus where Sundancer opened a Sky Diving School for all ponies. Crescent was homeschooled and started wearing a purple cloth with white and pink sparkles on it, it was then she realized the purple cloth item on her cutie mark was connected to the cloth she wore. It had been made by her mother when Crescent was a tiny foal and always said the colors in the cloth represented the colors in the sky when Crescent was born. Now she knew more about her cutie mark and that she was meant to make something beautiful in the sky. At this point was when Crescent started improving her flying skills too, as her wings grew larger as she grew bigger they also grew stronger. Strong enough that one day while flying her feather tips brushed into a cloud and she loved the feeling so much she started using her wings to shape the cloud and when she flew back she gazed in wonder at a work of art. A replica of her cutie mark done complexly in cloud and with every bit of detail visible. A few Pegasus flying by saw the cloud art and stopped to ask if Crescent had done it herself, and if she could do it again. Before too long Crescent was hoof and wing deep in clouds with Pegasus ponies oohing and ahhing over the young filly’s art work. When she finally went home she told her dad what she did and he got his thinking face on before getting an idea but he didn’t tell his daughter just yet.

The next day Crescent Wing came into the kitchen for breakfast to find her Uncle, her now pregnant Aunt, and her dad all standing in front of the table. When Crescent got closer the mare and stallions stepped aside to reveal a tiny Pegasus on the table, made out of cloud, and looked exactly like her mother. Her uncle then explained the clouds used to make the statue were specially made for buildings and sculptures in Pegasus society. Her dad then continued that if she kept to her school work and flying lessons then she could learn how to sculpt figures out of clouds too. Crescent flung herself at her family members, crying happy tears and telling them she’d make them all gifts out of clouds.

A year went by since her mother’s death. Sundance gave birth to a healthy little filly in the fall and she and Storm Feather named her Scootaloo but the tiny foal also had a problem with her wings but it was the opposite of Crescent’s wings. Instead of being larger than normal they were smaller which meant the filly would have difficulty flying even when she reached flying age so Crescent promised to help Scootaloo exercise her wings and get stronger. And so the cousins become inseparable, Little Scoots acting like Crescent’s shadow when on the clouds and her navigator when Crescent takes her flying. The only time Crescent feels sadness creep back into her is when her birthday arrives and she realizes her mother cannot celebrate it. Her dad takes her under his wings and tells her that she’s still here and celebrating just like all the years before and that helps Crescent feel a bit better but not enough that she wants a party again, so it’s just her family and one or two of her dad’s closest flight students that Crescent became friends with even though they’re older than her.

Several years pass, Scootaloo moves to a town called Ponyville that’s near Cloudsdale with her mother while her dad rises in the Wonderbolt ranks. Crescent goes from a shy and self-conscious filly to a shy and self-conscious mare but is much more confident in herself. Though she doesn’t like flying when too many ponies are around because she’s afraid they’ll laugh at her or, as of late, confuse her with Princess Celestia. If she flew high enough her shadow could easily be confused for the Princess of Equestria but once she got closer ponies realized it wasn’t her and moved on. Crescent Wing spent her days helping teach the fillies and colts that came to her dad’s flying school, doing her cloud art, and just flying around not really feeling any direction in her life. One day she left her father a note saying she was going to visit Scootaloo in Ponyville and left early in the morning. By mid-morning though she was caught in a wind storm and ended up crashing in the Ever-Free Forest next to a glowing tree pulsing with magical energy. The energy surged around her and sent a beacon of bright green light high into the sky, nearly taking out a blue Pegasus with a wild rainbow mane. It was Rainbow Dash and when she saw the mare lying still next to the Tree of Harmony she bolted back to Ponyville to alert her friends. When they arrived back the green Pegasus had not moved, fearing she could be hurt worse the Mane 6 carefully carried the mare to Ponyville General Hospital. Crescent Wing wakes up in a hospital bed, her right wing held up in a splint and bandages wrapped around other places on her body. The Mane 6 come in and are glad to see her awake; they each introduce themselves and it then hits Crescent that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are her old Flight Camp friends. She tells them this and the other two Pegasai realize it is Crescent Wing and embrace her, not too tightly. Pinkie Pie then pulled out her confetti cannon but before she could fire it off in celebration a nurse and doctor came in with the news for Crescent. She had multiple fractures in her wing bones but that was the extent of it besides a few bruises. All she needed was a couple days rest in the hospital then she could go but she couldn’t fly for at least a couple months which was just fine with the mare, the longer she could hide her large wings from these new ponies the better. For the next several days Crescent got to know each and every pony better, including her Cloudsdale friends. When most of the bandages come off Crescent is welcomed into Fluttershy’s home until she can fly again and the two quickly become best friends as both share a love of nature and are somewhat shy though Fluttershy seems much shyer than Crescent but she doesn’t mind.

As Crescent spends more time in Ponyville she grows to love the quaint country town and is overjoyed when she finds Scootaloo so close by. Rainbow Dash is the most shocked out of the Mane 6 and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to learn that Crescent and Scoots are cousins but Crescent is also happy Scootaloo found another role model to look up to, in Rainbow Dash. Crescent also gains a pet during her time with Fluttershy when a traveling circus came to town bearing animals nopony had ever seen. A little Koala Bear caught Crescent’s eye and stole her heart. It was a good thing that the owner of the circus did not treat his animals with any respect or love so there was really no harm in Crescent and the rest of the Mane 6 freeing the animals from the ring master’s hooves. Crescent was going to have the Koala Bear sent back home to where she was from but neither the Marsupial nor Pegasus Pony could bear to part ways so Crescent gained a new friend. She named her Calypso and got in contact with a zoo that would send Eucalyptus leaves for Calypso to eat.

The splint came off Crescent’s wing not long after she came to stay with Fluttershy but still did not fly, though she did to exercises to help get her strength back in it. It was around this time that Ponies had been even more afraid to go into the Ever-Free Forest, claims of some wild creature even more terrifying than Timber Wolves. Twilight was going to visit Zecora when this rumor finally reached her circle of friends and the Mane 6, plus 1, went together to visit the Zebra and see if she could shed some light on the rumor. The 7 ponies didn’t need to get Zecora’s opinion on the rumor because on the way they ran into a pack of Timber Wolves and a young Pegasus Colt. The Colt was covered in mud, sticks, and looked as wild as the wolves he stood in front of. He pressed closer to the frightened ponies until he yelped and scurried back. Crescent Wing had seen her friends all cowering, even Rainbow Dash and Applejack look terrified, so she swallowed her own fears and walked in front of her friends. She spread out her wings and the motion startled not only the wild pony but the Timber Wolves too; enough so that the canines ran in the direction they came, leaving the little colt behind. At that moment Zecora walked out from a bush with a satchel on her back filled with herbs and other plants. She looked at the green Pegasus mare and the cowering green Pegasus colt. In her rhyming voice she welcomed the ponies into her home while carrying the young colt between her teeth. She then explained how she came across the young pony in the pack of Timber Wolves and had only been watching from afar until now. She had tried asking around Ponyville if anypony had lost a colt but nopony she asked had. For now though she had been addressing the Colt as Tough Ruff but felt it just was not who he was meant to be and she was not surprised, unlike the others were, when Crescent asked if she could give the Colt a better name. The Zebra nodded and allowed the Pegasus to get closer to the Colt but not too close that he might attack. She looked him up and down but just looked because when she gazed into his blueish purple eyes she saw fear and curiosity, and maybe a little distrust after all she did scare him. Crescent came up with the name after a very tense minute, Wildfly. Rarity questioned openly if the reason she chose that particular name was because of the “flies” that seemed to swarm above the colt’s head and his wild and unkempt mane that adorned his head. Crescent just shook her head and explained that she thought he kind of looked like a dragon fly to her, wild and unpredictable when in flight but graceful and amazing to see also. Zecora spoke in her jovial rhymes that the name suited this colt just fine and the other 6 also agreed. It was then that Crescent felt something press against her and saw it was Wildfly, acting like a puppy who had been abandoned by its owner and just as when Crescent saw Calypso Wildfly now stole her heart. But she did not have a second to say hello before he was swooped into a glow of blue magic by Rarity who declared that before any celebrating went on the colt needed a bath and a good trim. Back in Ponyville at the spa Wildfly was given the works, revealing his dull green coat as a vivid green and his mane and tail were actually indigo color and not the moss green and mud that caked it. Rarity then surprised everyone by stating she would take Wildfly in and raise him to be a little gentlecolt. Crescent was a little heartbroken but also knew Wildfly was in good hooves so she went with the rest of her friends to Sugar Cube Corner to help Pinkie Pie get ready for Wildfly’s “welcome to Ponyville party”. It wasn’t even an hour that Rarity threw the door open to the little town café, her mane in shambles, her eyes wide, and Wildfly at her side smirking like Opalescence after she got into the cream in the kitchen of Sugar Cube Corner.

Throughout the day leading up to the party Wildfly was passed from pony to pony, even a few random ones on the street, and it wasn’t till the party was in full swing that Crescent walked up to the colt, who was hiding on the staircase away from all the ponies and sat next to him. She got him to talk, though it was broken and he said his name at the beginning of every sentence, and just asked him if there was anypony he wanted to stay with. If there was none here then Crescent would take him back to Zecora but that wouldn’t be necessary as Wildfly nuzzled Crescent’s side and in his own words said, “Wildfly stay with Crescent.” Just like that Crescent’s heart was stolen by another, this time a pony who needed someone who understood what it was like to be different even if you looked like a normal pony.

Because of Wildfly’s time with Fluttershy he was not allowed back in her cottage but that was solved by Crescent deciding to build a tree house. She and her friends found a large oak tree on a hill, no animals lived in it that would be harmed in the building and in a week the tree house was comleted and inside it really did resemble a house. There was space for the two Pegasai to fly, two bed rooms, a living room type area, and a fully working kitchen. Everyone pitched in to furnish the house and soon it could be called a home. Not long after moving in Crescent got a big surprise, her father had finally tracked her down and the reunion was a touching one. Afraid he’d lost his daughter just like his wife Sundancer had been searching for a month and just now had gotten a letter from Sundance as to where Crescent Wing was and now the family was back together and bigger than ever. Crescent was happy her dad loved Calypso and Wildfly but was also worried he’d make her come back home with him so it sure surprised her when he asked what she wanted to do. They were lying on a cloud near the tree house when Crescent’s father asked if she wanted to stay here in Ponyville or come back home. Crescent didn’t take long with her answer, “I love you dad, you’ve done so much since mom passed and never once let you missing her interfere with raising me. But now that I’ve been living here, I feel like I finally have a direction I can go in my life. I want to stay here, I want to take care of Wildfly, maybe find a nice Stallion and raise a family. I hope this makes sense and you understand dad, because no matter what I’m still your little moon and you’re still my Silly Sunny Daddy.” Crescent’s eyes misted over and when she looked at her father’s they were misty too. He understood his daughter’s need to spread her wings and find her place in the world so he said he understood her and the two Pegasai embraced in hooves and wings. In two days Sundancer was leaving but promised to be back for Crescent’s upcoming birthday that Pinkie was already planning 9 months in advanced.

Things went well for Crescent in the next year, she had adventures she never expected, gained incredible popularity for her cloud sculptures, and saw her adopted brother and cousin gain their cutie marks. Nothing could have made Crescent Wing’s life more filling, until one day she came across a Stallion that added even more to her life, in the form of brand new life.
Well hope you guys like my Pony OC :aww:
Oh if anybody knows the creator of the base please link them to me in the comments so I can add them

MLP: FiM (c) Laurna Faust
OCs (c) Me, :iconblueace1986::iconknightoffluttershy:
Base (c) Unknown Artist

Happy Halloween 2015 2 by Songal
Happy Halloween 2015 2
Here's me in my Phantom costume with a better look at what I wore. It may not be 100% acurate but at least I found that AWESOME mask :iconmaskplz:

Have an awesome Halloween wherever you are! :iconpumpkinplz:
Happy Halloween 2015 by Songal
Happy Halloween 2015
Here's my costume, I am a female Phantom of the Opera :iconphantomplz:

Have a happy, scary, and safe Halloween!!
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:evileyes::evillaugh: *wolf howl* *witch's cackle* *creepy organ music*


Sonic Lovin' Girl
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