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BFOI Y3 Trainer App Emily Waldan by Songal
BFOI Y3 Trainer App Emily Waldan

For :iconbattle-frontier:


Name: Emily A. Waldan

Nickname(s): Em, "Trainer", "Mommy Two"

Age: 20

DOB: May 21st, 1998

Height: 5'6"/167 cm

Weight: 120lbs/54 kg

Hometown: Kona Island, Ohana(Temporary residence only)


Personality: A shy and quiet girl, Emily's fear over just about all Pokémon, wild and other Trainer's Pokémon more than those she has and captures, has kept her from making friends for years. She will speak her mind in what she believes and with her Pokémon by her side she has gained confidence since her first journey all those years ago. She is severely afraid of Fire and Ice type Pokémon and any of them on her teams either chose her or wanted to become that type, two of her Eevees are a Flareon and Glaceon.


Markings: Two scars on her cheek are from a Razor Leaf attack, the mark on her neck is just the top of a huge burn that extends down her right side to her legs so she rarely wears shorts and swimsuits are just t-shirts and swim trunks


Other Items: Keystone-inside her side pouch on her belt, it's inlaid in a simple leather band. Also in there is a small supplies of medicine and first aid for humans. She doesn’t trust humans to deal with her injuries unless she needs surgery.


NOTE: While she still has lingering fears of all Pokémon, those that she’s caught and befriended have made her fears lessen. BUT she is STILL COMPLETELY afraid of fire and ice types which is why a good portion of her team’s attacks have moves to counter those types specifically.


Bio: Born to a well-known and revered Pokémon Trainer and a Top Coordinator, Emily's life was filled with Pokémon since she was born. She was born in Hearthome City, Sinnoh after her parents moved there to get away from the offers back in Hoenn to become a Champion or Master Coordinator, and while they are in the Contest capitol of the world now they wanted to focus on breeding Pokémon rather than training. Smeargles were their Pokémon of choice and the one that formed a close connection to the family was a female they named Painter. Painter was there since Emily was born and up till she was five she and Emily were inseparable. Emily wanted to be a trainer more than anything and when she went to the trainer's school in Jubilife City she was even more excited. Her Pokémon partner at the school was an energetic Poochyena and like Painter, Emily and her Poochyena were the best of friends and quickly rose to top in the class. Sadly, this is where Emily's happiness ended on the last day of her Kindergarten year at the school. After the ending speech Emily was playing with Poochyena when some of her classmates came over and challenged her to battle. Emily's Poochyena easily dodged the attacks, but it was after she dodged a spark attack that she realized it wasn't her the 'mons were aiming at and when her trainer yelped in pain she knew what these trainers were gonna do. The kids sent a grass type, water type, electric type, and fire type to attack Emily and attack her mercilessly. Emily screamed and tried to escape but the Pokémon had her cornered so any attempt at escaping was impossible without getting a jolt, a slice, or burned. When the smoke cleared and teachers, older students, and the principal rushed over Emily was lying on the ground with burns from both fire and electric attacks and deep cuts from razor leaf. She was rushed to the hospital and spent the whole summer recovering from her physical injuries, but the new mental ones did not heal. When she was sent back to the school the following fall the same Poochyena rushed over to her and tried to beg for forgiveness but Emily screamed and backed away until a teacher took the Poochyena away. That was when the teacher learned that Emily was now terrified of being close to any Pokémon; in the hospital she wouldn't go near the kids when trainers brought their Pokémon over to make the kids smile and brighten their days in the hospital. For the first week back Emily remained as far away from the other students as possible, especially when their Pokémon were out. But soon even that didn't help as the wild Pokémon around her made her shriek and run away to hide in her room. Her best friend Painter the Smeargle was not spared either and after Emily yelled at her to leave her alone, her parents sold the Smeargle to another breeder and decided it was time to move.


The family came to reside in the beautiful Kalos region where their neighbors were well known Pokémon trainers with a son Emily's age. Emily was home schooled in her hometown of Vaniville Town and for four years Emily learned everything about Pokémon but through books and watching them through her windows or in trees. At age 10 Emily's friend Calem had a huge party, Emily went but avoided the Pokémon that were there by staying in a tree, until a random Fletchling landed by her and sent her running home. After that Emily's parents knew the only way to get their daughter out into the Pokémon world was by force, and they actually forced her/dragged her to Professor Augustine Sycamore's lab to pick out a starter Pokémon but Emily kicked and yelled so much she scared the starters into running around the lab so Sycamore suggested to Emily's parents that they wait until she said she was ready. A year passed and Emily was still not ready, in fact she was so adamant in not going on a journey that she locked herself in her home and only got food and water and went to the bathroom when she knew her parents were not around or asleep. When she turned 12 her family sent her to Hoenn to visit her dad's friend Norman and see her cousin Max off on his Pokémon journey. It was her Aunt, Max’s mom, who wanted Emily to go off with her son so Emily got the last Pokémon from Professor Birch, a Mudkip she called Gil, and had a "journey" with her cousin. She did not mind it but after she finished traveling in Hoenn she left her teammates there and went back home.


 When she turned 13 she finally had it with her family trying to push her to become a trainer or coordinator like they were and so, packing on the essentials, Emily ran away from home. She decided to become a Pokémon Watcher and Photographer, getting only as close to Pokémon as she wanted to learn about them but that all fell to pieces before she got out of Route 1's forest. She was attacked on the road, later she learned by a male Pyroar and a Beartic, and was gravely injured to the point she wanted to just let go and die. But, she was saved by Pokémon of all things. A Serperior had saved her and brought her to a hidden lake where her mate, a Samurott, and all the Pokémon in the surrounding area, helped to heal Emily the best they could. When Emily came to she was scared until the Pokémon began speaking to her and filled her with trust, if minimal, for the creatures again.


After that she went on her journey she considered her first journey, with a Snivy named Pamela and an Oshawott named Patch, for the dark blue patch of color over his right eye, as her partners. They helped her pick her team members and throughout the journey grew to be closer than friends. It was also here she realized what she feared most, Fire and Ice types. After Kalos, Emily went to Hoenn again with new teams but some old friends remained, including a rough and tough Smeargle named Spade. After that Emily went through Unova, only to be attacked by a Beartic again. She was healed by an excitable Deerling who traveled Unova with Emily and her now Serperior Pamela. After her first trek through Unova Pamela stayed to become "Queen of the Forest" like her mother before her. Patch has remained with Emily as her best battler, though now spends his days relaxing but will still kick butt with his Hydro Cannon attack that can devastate any enemy. From Unova Emily went to Johto and had one of her most terrifying encounters, a Cyndaquil joined her team, along with a Totodile, and Chikorita. These three though proved to be loyal and powerful, in fact her Chikorita, now Meganium, Romana or Mana as people call her is her hardest hitter as well as being the most motherly Pokémon you'll ever meet. Kanto was just a short journey but then she went to Sinnoh and even without one of the starters of the region to lead her team had a team more powerful and hard hitting than any team prior.


It has now been 7 years since Emily ran away, she has not been in contact with her family at all so she doesn't know, nor really cares, if they are searching for her. She has just moved to the Ohana Region with all her Pokémon, sans Pamela, and plans on entering the Battle Competition with a team of both new and old members and hopes to show everyone that there is something more to this timid girl, whose only friends and family are her Pokémon.


Dreams: Actually, Emily wants to become a Gym Leader and hopes that after the competition ends she can go to the Pokémon University to train and get her certificate to become a Gym Leader. She wants to be a Dark Type gym leader but is open to any types, besides Fire or Ice.


Battling Style: Even if Emily is terrified of Pokémon she can still strategize like a pro and finishes battles quick and hard to the opposing teams don't have time to call out a fire or ice attack, should their Pokémon have one. She became the kind of person her parents trained her to be but she did it all on her own and doesn't even think of what her parents once taught her. Her Pokémon also can get a bit showy at times but it's just another plan to confuse the opponent.





Romana "Mana" the Meganium


Region Caught-Johto


Nature: Calm


Ability: Leaf Guard


Attacks: Sunny Day-When this activates she is a true force of nature, even fire types don’t scare her


Solar Beam-Hardest hitting attack whether the sun is out or not


Earthquake-Another hard hitting attack for pesky fire and ice types to keep her trainer safe, I told you she was a motherly type


Grass Whistle-A useful attack for flying types or to soothe her trainer and teammates to sleep after a stressful day


Bio: Growing up around Professor Elm's home, Romana dreamed of the day her one true trainer would come. She was the oldest of the starters thus had a motherly air to her already and when a young trainer came to pick a starter, Romana literally jumped her her only for the poor girl to scream and shake. Romana sent off a wave of her sweet scented pollen to soothe the distressed girl. Once she'd calmed down some the Chikorita immediately proclaimed that she would be the girl's Pokémon Their bond was a rough start especially when a wild Cyndaquil and Totodile joined the team but Mana easily kept Emily calm and slowly the two started growing a closer bond. Mana quickly became like a sister to Emily through the journey and the two grew so close Emily took her through Kanto and when she sent her Johto and Kanto teams to be with her other Pokémon, Mana established herself as mother to all the Pokémon, fretting over the young newly hatched/caught ones, or scolding the semi grown ones. When a hyper active Deerling came through Mana took her in as her own daughter and to this day still loves her as if she was her own.


Personality: Mana is sweet and calm over everything, but when Emily gives that signal the peaceful Meganium turns into a force to be reckoned with and will make you think twice before ever hurting her trainer.



Kondlon "Lonny" the Flygon


Region Caught-Unova


Nature: Serious


Ability: Levitate


Attacks: Earth Power-One stomp of his foot, smash of his hand, or wack with his tail brings huge chunks of earth smashing into his opponent, or dragging them down in the sink holes he creates


Steel Wing-To handle those pesky Fairy Types, Lonny isn't gonna let some little Pixies touch his regal body with their garish attacks


Draco Meteor-Combine with Earth Power and you are doomed, no Pokémon could survive this attack and even if they did he also backs it up with Earth Power to make sure no one escapes


Dragon Breath-Kept this attack as a reminder of his younger, less violent days, when he considered himself just a battler of fun not for survival


Bio: Living in the Desert Resort in Unova, Lonny spent his Trapinch days like any Trapinch did. Digging unimaginable tunnels, eating rocks or sometimes whatever a Mandibuzz dropped, it was a life that grew boring quickly. Luckily Lonny did not have long for that life as a trainer came around and gave him the chance at a new one and boy did he love it. Quickly become a Vibrava, Lonny loved to swoop and dive through the air on his new formed wings and when he became a Flygon he grew faster and his attacks proved more precise. After Sinnoh Lonny spent his days honing his skills on Emily’s farm, making friends with Emily's amazingly powerful, yet also gentlemanly, Floatzel Capulet. The two were true to the gentleman code but when the need arose they could dish out powers more to that of a Pirate fighting off other Pirates from his treasure and a pure force of destruction. Alongside Mana the Meganium, Lonny has been welcomed to Emily roster of teammates for the competition. She at first wanted her Togekiss Speckle but the Togekiss was very weak and too afraid to handle the battles that would happen so Lonny was put in her place and even Emily knows the Flygon was the best choice.


Personality: A "Gentleman of Destruction" is what Lonny calls himself. He does see himself as a higher place in Pokémon Society but not so much he's egotistical, thankfully his blood lust for battle smooths that out but he will still bow to you after he's finished destroying you, and the battle field.



Capulet the Floatzel


Region Caught-Sinnoh


Nature: Modest


Ability: Swift Swim


Attacks: Fury Cutter-The only way to cut down Grass types, like a Kalos Fencer he cuts down his opponents with quick and precise slices


Ice Fang-Another solution to Grass types, though not as gentlemanly as his other attacks it has remained with him since his "pirate days"


Aqua Jet-The true attack of a graceful Floatzel, his Aqua Jet is more of a dance with the water than anything else, but that is how he works to win for his team


Dig-Another attack left over from his rougher and tough days, Dig handles electric types like a dream and he can couple this with Aqua Jet and Fury Cutter to give a display fit for a Contest Hall


Bio: Just outside the Valley Windworks was were Capulet lived with his family. The warm breeze, sweet smells, and all around nice atmosphere were the perfect settings for a budding Buizel pirate, until Team Galactic came and soon the peace was no more and Capulet's family was torn apart. His revenge would come to pass as a trainer came running through and fought off the grunt blocking the door to the Valley Windworks, the team she had so far was not too impressive but Capulet immediately saw potential and jumped in, watergunning the grunt so hard he blew the door off. The girl asked him to help and the Pirate Buizel agreed and quickly demolished the group inside the building. After that he asked the trainer to become a part of her team and she agreed, saying her name was Emily. Capturing him and training him, Capulet was a Pokémon no one could win against and his Pirate attitude was what added to that power. Once Sinnoh was safe Emily sent him to be with her other Pokémon and the Floatzel made friends with a Flygon there. The fight had been toned down in him after Team Galactic had been vanquished so Capulet became a Gentleman of the Sea rather than a Pirate, though his temper easily could reflect that of his younger days back as a Buizel so he addressed himself as a "Gentleman Pirate". This GentleFloatzel was a hard choice for Emily to make when choosing her team for the upcoming Battle Competition but in the end the Samurott Patch wanted to stay watching the small farm with his mate Spade and their new pups, being a good father like his was. Capulet was even more eager to be on the team when he knew his best friend Lonny would be on it too, even if Lonny and his mate were expecting a large clutch of young Trapinch's soon the Flygon, like the Floatzel, wished for one more battle before fatherhood took over.

Personality: A Pirate when fighting but a Gentleman off the battlefield, Capulet loves having Poems and other literary masterpieces from his favorite authors read to him and always keeps an air of dignity around him. Whereas his best friend would rather smash your face in, Capulet will still smash it in, but in a way that is true poetry in motion.



Kolla the Mienfoo


Region Caught-Hatched in Ohana on Emily's farm


Nature: Jolly


Ability: Regenerator


Attacks: Detect-More like “hide and seek” to the baby Mienfoo he’ll dodge an attack or two before attacking, laughing all the ways as he “gets you”.

Pound-Like any baby, human or human like Pokémon, hitting his fists stuff excites Kolla into bubbles of laughter even if it’s a Pokémon or Trainer’s head, which either has the awwwing over the cute way he “drums” or groaning in annoyance or the fact a baby just defeated their Pokémon.

Fake Out-A serious move actually, Emily calls it out and Kolla’s face hardens in concentration for a split second as he initiates the attack into startling the Pokémon he’s fighting. This because of his parentage but unlike his father before him he will then laugh after using the attack and if the opponent has something he’ll steal their food or sweets out from under their nose. This only happens in non-battles though.


Rock Slide-All his constant bouncing around causes small rock slides and depending on how solid the area is, determines the strength of said rock slide so if you see this baby bouncing better take cover.


Bio: Literally born two days before Emily had to submit her application, Kolla is the son to Emily's Mienshao Marron and Weavile Sidney. He is all happy and hugs and loves to cuddle with his second mommy Emily, who he calls "Mommy Two". He does cry when he gets scared or something just upsets him, but he is also a thief in training because of his father so watch your backpacks of food because that is what he loves stealing most of all.

Personality: Just like a baby he's happy one day, upset the next, and cranky another but he wants to make his parents proud, even if he still drinks from a bottle and needs someone always holding him or he cries and can cause rock slides that way. Always bouncing in happiness, it's always hard to hit this baby bundle of energy and Pokepuffs


Jordan the Lucario


Region Caught-Unknown, location was not on any maps


Nature: Adamant


Ability: Steadfast


Attacks: Iron Tail-Hard and fast with either sideways or downward motions Jordan takes his opponent out faster than you can blink


Psychic-Very weak but strong enough still to slam opponents into the ground or walls or trees, because of what happened to him he cannot call upon his Aura abilities to make the power greater like normal Lucarios


Dark Pulse-Like Iron Tail, Jordan hits hard and fast with this attack to take out Psychic types, and any other type for that matter


Water Pulse-Even though he doesn't need Water Pulse he did not want to know any fighting type moves either and this assists him with rock and ground types as well


Bio: What is known about Jordan is more terrible than any Pokémon Emily has ever had. Born in an undisclosed location where there were scientists who believed that a Riolu and Lucario's fur color could be altered by injecting them with "liquid aura", Jordan’s mom was one of those test experiments. When Jordan, going by Julius at the time, hatched he was not born a normal colored Riolu but a Melano. This made the scientists immediately perform multiple tests on the Riolu. Soon he evolved into a Lucario, the first ever Melano Lucario recorded at the time. After this was done he was put through power tests, to see if his aura abilities were any stronger. But because of all the tests done to him, Jordan/Julius's aura powers had actually diminished. So greatly so that he would never be able to learn Aura Sphere and only the attack Psychic would give any hope to restoring his aura sensing abilities. The scientists did not stop there and went full throttle with Jordan, by causing Mega Evolution within him. It was forced on him and no one made any lasting bonds with the Lucario, at least not in any good ways. Jordan went into a blind rage the first successful time and nearly killed every scientist there until someone used a psychic and fire type to stop the rampaging dog type. After that more tests were done until the operation was shut down when the police found the scientist's hide out. Lucarios and Riolus were sent to centers immediately, the humans were all arrested, but the one Lucario was left until a human gently approached. He could not determine if the person was friend or foe and before he could lash out at her he passed out. When he came to he was at some kind of arm, being treated by the same human who came to him as well as Pokémon with all sorts of healing type moves. The once Julius was renamed Jordan and began a slow road to recovery. The trainer, Emily, worked with him on the physical level while her other Lucarios worked on Jordan's mental level. The Lucario's trust towards this human and her Pokémon slowly grew, there was an instance of him nearly attacking her but her much stronger Lucarios held him back from causing more damage to their trainer than she already had. When the Battle Competition reached Emily's ears she considered it might be good for Jordan. At first she wanted him to be her mega evolver, but that nearly ended her so instead she took another Pokémon for the Mega Evolution position but that left a spot still open for Jordan and Emily felt deep in her heart this is what he needed and Jordan has agreed to it. He will not let anyone or thing hurt Emily, especially not himself.


Personality: Quiet at times, he will not attack unless asked by Emily or feels her, himself, or his teammates are being threatened. After hearing about the Pokémon that caused Emily's fear of them he has made it his solemn duty to protect Emily just as she is protecting him, and one day hopes to Mega Evolve to prove that trust and bond. 



Romen "Ro" the Gallade


Region Caught-Unova, given as a gift to Emily


Nature: Quiet


Ability: Justified


Attacks: Psychic-Strong and used to avoid opponents, he also uses it to communicate with Emily

Safeguard-He uses this move only when he feels Emily is in danger of an attack from a fire or ice type that has gone out of control from a trainer’s Pokémon but other than that rarely uses it.


Thunder Punch-He uses this most often because of the amount weakness to flying types that are on the team


Vacuum Wave-As the only Fighting Type with an actual physical Fighting Type move, Ro has made this attack his most powerful and focused attack so any ice or rock types are laid to waste


Bio: Owned by a young man in Unova who, at one time, fancied Emily enough to give her his Ralts. Romen did not want a new trainer and be forced to endure new emotions so on his way to Nimbasa City he let himself out of his Pokeball and ran into the woods on route 5 only to be cornered by a group of Purrloins and Leipards. The lead Leipard attack him first, clawing his right eye and leaving him permanently blind as well as the head piece ripped so much it never properly formed as he evolved. Scars riddled his body and only time, healing, and evolution managed to hide them. Emily found the half dead Ralts, the pride was going in for the kill if not for her Samurott to launch the strongest water type move at them, frightening them off so much the population of Leipards in Route 5 have dwindled to low numbers at present. Emily got the Ralts to a Pokémon Center and watched him heal for over a month. When he finally came to he was surprised to feel emotions similar to his own and a bond was made that day. Once the Ralts was free to go Emily helped to train him, with the help of her older Gallade Tito. Romen got his name just because Emily like the sound of it, calling him Ro at times too. Romen quickly grew and evolved into a Kirlia and then instantly into a Gallade. He is still young amongst most of Emily's other Pokémon but has proven a bond strong enough to earn the Mega Evolution status out of her other Gallades. When Emily started applying for a Battle Competition on Ohana she first considered a Lucario to be her Mega Evolution team member but an incident that nearly cost her her life changed her mind and Romen took up the place. Emily gave him a glove to hold his Galladite in and now Romen is ready to fight to protect his trainer, just like the knights of old did to their king/queen.


Personality: Because of his blindness and the development of his right head spikes not developed properly he must rely on his Psychic attack to fully communicate with his trainer, he can talk to Pokémon normally but his psychic powers help him to see them and their emotions. He keeps watch over everything in the surrounding area but is also helps Jordan to not let his past leak into his present.

Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO
Trainer App belongs to :iconbattle-frontier:
Emily Waldan and her team belong to ME



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Probably the biggest hype in Pokemon since X and Y, GEN 7's HERE...IN HAWAII!!!

And the starts are all adorable ^^ But while people will probably go to the fiery hair ball spittin' kitten or the bowtie wearing owl, I will be choosing(every time I play Sun and Moon, going for Moon all the way too *fangirl squeal over moon bat thing* Popplio!!!!! The CUTEST water type since Piplup and Oshawott!!!!!

Who will you be on: Team Litten, Team Rowlet or...

:iconblue-tplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-mplz: :iconblue-pplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-pplz::iconblue-pplz::iconblue-lplz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-oplz:

Have a Nice Day Pokemon People ^^

Clip art is from Google, I don't know the original source name...Enjoy Popplio please :D:D
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So yeah that's been the start of my May. Hope everyone has a better week than me. *blows nose as send off then goes to die during tests*

Running, that was all she’d been doing since she could remember. She ran for fun when she was little, she ran from bullies when she was a little bit older, but now her feet were moving her for entirely different reasons. The 16-year-old sped into another alley and stopped dead in her tracks, rain drenched jacket moving up and down with her like it could breathe on its own. She began whipping her head around, moving watered down strands of moussy brown hair from her cheek, and looking fearfully at her surroundings. The lights of San Fransokyo blinked and flickered in the downpour as vehicles of every make and model sped down the street behind her. People rushed out of the nasty weather on the other side of the street and in the darkness of the alley she felt safe, for now.

Seeming to have lost her ‘pursuers’ the teen pressed her back against a dulling red brick wall and continued catching her breath; trying to call up her yoga breathing mantra her mom talked her. When she was talking that is.

Quickly swiping at her cheeks with her jacket sleeve she felt warm moisture that did not come from the rain sliding down the rain gutter she was currently sheltering under.

“Mom….” She whimpered. Sucking in her breath and wiping more water from her face, which didn’t help much since her jacket was soaked already, she suddenly froze as the sound of glass breaking, an alley cat’s screech, a nearby dog’s excited barking, and the sound of footsteps in puddles echoed around to the teen. That was the sign for her to start running again.

With one last exhale she was racing down the alley as bootfalls closed in. Four men arrived at the entrance to the alleyway with six others closing in, all in under seconds of the teenager vanishing down it.

“Sir we think one of our men spotted her!” A man dressed in a dark rain slicker addressed another man wearing the same article of clothing.

“Good work Samuel. Now everyone remember, this is not your average, run of the mill teenage runaway we’re after.” The second man, who seemed to be the leader of the gathering group, spoke out above the rain. The small cluster of men nodded.  One of the men was as pale as the fog covered moon, who couldn’t have been older than 17, and he looked at the leader with a slight admiration in his hard eyes. Yet he said nothing while the other men around him got riled up for their ‘hunt’.

“I want every alley blocked with as many men as we have, there is no way we are letting this thing continue its rampage over our city. Is that clear men?!”

“Yessir!!” The group shouted and split off to the alleys that had been detected to be this teenager’s main hiding spots as of a few weeks ago. The younger man stayed next to the leader and looked through the darkness of the alleyway.

“Do you really think she’s that dangerous, sir? I mean she hasn’t done anything worse than steal some random items from a convenience store and maybe knock a few pedestrians down.” The man looked the teen straight in the eye, brown eyes an exact match for his with the same harsh look burning in them. He placed a leather gloved hand on the young man’s shoulder and a deep chuckle resonated from his chest.

“Son, when you’ve been around these types of situations as long as I have then you know you take nothing to chance. That girl will pay for her crimes, with her life.” The way he spoke made your skin crawl with the thought that he wasn’t just out looking for a common thief but something far worse. And when he caught it, just what would he do to it?

The young man stood ramrod straight and nodded curtly. “I won’t disappoint you and I will not let the fact that she’s a women block my judgement. I’ll capture her with my two hands and end her horrid existence all for you dad.” The two men shared a sneering grin as the father and son team walked down the alley, with hopes of finding their prey and doing to it what all predators do.


Meanwhile the teen, who had figured out what those men were planning to do, took to the rooftops to conceal herself both in the darkness of the night and the bright lights of the city; once again thankful for the rain to cover her trail, for now at least.

She moved with the leaps and bounds of a jack rabbit but the stealth of a fox, always evading the hunter and his hounds. Her muscles were pulled taunt as if anything could jump out and grab her, but she would be ready. Ready to escape, as that was her only option for survival at this moment. Letting those men capture her and do who knows what to her was not an option.

Stopping on the roof of a restaurant she surveyed the area, making sure to look down between the buildings to see who or what was there.  These men were clever enough to wear dark rain coats but they would still stand out more in the shadows because they had form, and shape.

A stiff breeze pulled the girl’s hood off revealing her matted brown hair with stark white bangs smothered against her forehead. Reaching back behind her she slid the hood over her head again, wincing at the rain water that had collected there slid down her neck. She shook herself like a dog after a bath and turned on her heels to the next point of making her escape.

She stepped back a couple inches before running and jumping to the next roof, following up with the next one as her new momentum propelled her through the gloomy air.

Rainwater smacked her face like tiny fingers but she didn’t dare stop or risk plummeting to the concrete street below. She leaped and skidded for over twenty minutes, the roofs all looking the same until she reached the more run down district of San Fransokyo and stopped before a large warehouse turned apartment building complex. One more time the teen checked her surroundings, walking to the edge of the building she was on and reached out for the fire escape. The cold brown metal felt mottled and crusty under her shaking fingers but she just moved, with almost serpentine like grace, onto the bars. Holding her upper half up like a gymnast on them.

With caution she tested the first rung beneath her left foot and when she felt assured it wouldn’t disintegrate under her weight she placed her foot down upon it, making sure the curve in her shoe acted like a second hand, holding her while her other foot joined it.

With a yoga inhale then exhale the young woman man her descent to the next level on the fire escape. She kept alert at all times, listening for anything from police sirens to ambulances to the soft pitter patter of boots on pavement. Just the regular nightly noise of city life, but sometimes those everyday noises could easily become traps for someone like her.

When she safely reached the platform beneath her she grabbed the next ladder and started climbing down that, repeating the process for three more platforms before jumping down to the ground next to a pile of unwashed clothes scraps and moldy cardboard boxes. Checking her surroundings for, hopefully, the final time that night the teen girl reached into her jean’s pocket and fumbled her fingers around until the tips grazed something metal and jagged.

Pulling out a key she twisted it into the keyhole and opened the backdoor to the apartment building. There a dizzying amount of stairs met her but all she did was close the door, knowing it was one of those self-locking locks, and trekked up the dozen flights.

Even though she was out of breath from running and leaping, even though the clothes she wore were weighing her down from all the rain, and even though she just wanted to fall on the steps, curl up, and sleep there for a year or two, her legs moved without her thinking about it.

When she reached her designated floor she pulled open the door just enough to squeeze through, her water logged clothing actually assisting in this task, and walk to her own apartment door. Since it was on the upper most floor with not a lot of rooms to house people, and no numbers on the door since there were only three rooms so you couldn’t get confused as to who was living where; the only way somebody could tell they were at their door was the decor that was in front of it, it was the perfect place for a runaway teen to hide. The girl’s door scheme was a simple gold plated carving of a wolf she hung on a nearby hook that had been left there by the last resident.

Taking out the same key from before, she jammed it into the worn lock of her door and turned it with a welcoming click, then swung the door open only for it to catch on the rug she had placed there just to give her home a bit of character.  Squeezing through this door as well, she shut it and slouched over in relief. Shutting her eyes and gulping in multiple breaths of air like she’d been underwater for too long, and with the rain forecast that was coming she wouldn’t have been surprised if she would have to swim tomorrow if she went out at all, at the feeling of being safe once more for another night.

“Hey Quarter, you up?” She panted. The clicking of nails on the floor alerted her to her house companion. The teen smiled and knelt down as the wiggling and barking form of her pet bounded into her open arms. She petted and scratched at the dog’s ears while he slurped and kissed her nose and cheeks.

“Hey boy were you a good watch dog again?” She asked through her dog’s tongue bath and turned on the overhead lights revealing a huge space, spare of anything save a TV, overturned bookshelf, a single chair missing three of its buddies and a table, and a couch that was littered in holes and duct tape. But at least it was leather and quite comfortable. The teen shrugged off the tiny backpack from her shoulders, letting it drop to the ground as her dog got to work sniffing and pawing it like another dog was hiding inside. Laughing at her best friend’s antics she shucked off her jacket and hung it over the chair to dry. Then she scooped up her backpack again and laughed just a little bit more when Quarter tried biting it and jumping up on his hind legs to reach it.

“Sorry boy, not yet.” She said as she placed the bag on the tiny counter in her kitchen. With so much floor space the kitchen was only as big as a gas station bathroom with a sink, a few cabinets, a small college dorm sized refrigerator, and a microwave with pizza oven attachment. Out of the backpack the teenager pulled out a miniature frozen pizza, a cup of instant ramen, chicken flavored, a carton of milk, $75 dollars, and a box of dog treats. She opened the pizza out of its box, put it in the pizza oven attachment, and started it up. Next she pulled the top off the ramen, filled it with water, and put that in the microwave.

Quarter wound his body in a circle, trying to catch his tail as he and his master waited for their dinner to cook. The young woman put the milk in the fridge, that only had a few left over take out containers in it, stuffed the cash in a loose counter top slab where a hefty amount of money was already stashed. Finally, she opened the box of dog biscuits and their flavorful aroma made the Jack Russell/Dachshund mix stop in his tracks, go up on his hind legs, and performed the ‘begging maneuver’. With a glance over her shoulder the teen took a treat from the box and waved it back and forth for her beloved pet.

“You wanna treat boy, huh? You want it?” She grinned as her dog barked, spun around, sat up, and barked again. Unable to stop laughing she threw the treat into the air which was snatched before it could start falling. The happy pup scarfed the delectable doggy goody down, tail wagging a mile a minute in utter bliss. He smacked his chops once he’d finished and gave his master his puppy eyes for another. She reached over and rubbed his head watching him pant happily and lick her wrist.

“Sorry boy but we’re having dinner soon, you have to wait to have another treat.” She giggled like a mom telling her child he had to wait to have dessert. Just as she spoke the timers went off on the microwave and pizza oven. Grabbing a plate, spatula, and hot pads she opened the microwave and watched steam billow out from the cooked ramen bowl. Then she tugged the door on the pizza oven and the scent of cheese, spices, and sauce wafted into her nose. Her mouth watered at the smell and was accompanied by her growling stomach. Quickly plating the pizza and grabbing the cup she whistled and Quarter came running again.

Skidding right into his owner’s legs as she walked into the middle of the living room where both of them sat on the wood planked floor. Placing the instant chicken ramen in front of her dog she turned on the TV, watching the static induced picture come to life on some comedy show.

“Well Quarter here’s to another night not starving and once again evading those hunters.” The teen raised her pizza plate in a mock toast wile Quarter just dunk his face, muzzle first, in the ramen cup. Gnashing his teeth around noodles, chicken bits, and other various ingredients while his human companion bit into her mini pizza as the pair enjoyed the dulled hum of the TV show and the smattering of rain again the window and roof.

Yep, it was another good night for the runaway and her faithful sidekick.

Big Hero 6: Mark of a Hero ch. 1

Chapter 1's here for you to read. Whether you enjoy it or not is your choice.

Note: This WILL have fan characters and WILL have love interests between canon characters and fan characters so if you are among the many people out there that hate OCs then leave this story alone.


Big Hero 6 (c) Disney


Soon-to-be-named characters (c) Me

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