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Who You Gonna Call Ace Knight The Real Ghostbuster by Songal
Who You Gonna Call Ace Knight The Real Ghostbuster
Just a quick sketch and color pallet for my Ghostbusters' OC Aivary "Ace" Knight
Note: This is still my main OC Emily Knight but the only thing that's different is the eye colors and name

Do NOT USE HER without my permission.
Also She is ONLY for The Real Ghostbusters and not anything else!

Ghostbusters (c)-Dic
Ace Knight (c)-Me

The Real Ghostbusters: 4 Ghostbusters and a Time Travel Dilemma

Chapter 1: It Started Out Normal

          It started out as a normal day for our Ghostbusters. Wake up, shower, get dressed, hope Slimer had eaten all their food again as a nighttime snack, and the most important part of the day wait for a call to find a new ghost, spirit, and/or demon to face.

When the four guys entered their kitchen they found, on the floor sleeping, Slimer surrounded by a pile of empty boxes, crumbs, and ectoplasm.

“Well, looks like it’s Gordy’s again.” Peter said and the rest of the guys nodded sadly.

Gordy’s was the name of a café near the firehouse. The guys had answered a call by the chef/owner Gordy Montora who called them about a ghost chef that was flipping pancakes, tossing salads, and making a mean meatloaf better than him.

They entered the front door, getting a whiff of fresh baked muffins and hot coffee brewing.

“Mornin’ you four!” Liza, the waitress, waved her notepad as the guys sat in their regular booth.

“Morning Liza!”

“Hi Liza.”

“What’s the special today?”

The guys got their food, which they got a discount on as a big ‘thank you’ from Gordy and ate, talked, and goofed off to get themselves ready for the day.

And boy what this day held for them.


After breakfast the guys went back home and waited for a call.

Egon ran tests on the equipment, Winston watched TV, Ray was cleaning the kitchen after Slimer’s midnight snack, and Peter was currently with said slimy ghost trying to teach him not to keep eating his comic books.

When the phone rang Janine picked it up, popping a bubble before answering.

“Ghostbusters, if it goes through walls you’ve made the right call. Yes. Uh huh. Okay don’t worry the guys’ll be right over.” Janine hung up.

“Guys you’ve got a case! 427 North Walnut Avenue!!” She yelled and slammed her hand on the alert button which had the team scrambling into their suits, down the fire poles, and into the car.

The familiar siren blared down the street as they come up to the house where a couple in their mid-20s stood outside.

They greeted themselves as Daisy and Spike Knight and told the Ghostbusters what was going on.

“It’s strange noises we can’t pinpoint anywhere. And our faucets keep dripping; we’ve had three different plumbers check it all out and no matter how many times they seem to have it fixed it happens all over again.” Daisy and Spike alternated explaining and the guys went to work searching.

After the team rechecked the pipework and anything else that could cause weird noises the PKE meter started going off in the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

They had found their ghost.

It was the ghost of a small child but neither of them could determine whether it was a boy or girl.

But it was an easy catch though the ghost put up quite a wail as it was sucked into the containment box.

After getting thanked multiple times the couple gave the Ghostbuster’s a Macaroni and Cheese casserole and with that the guys left for home again.

They got a couple more calls that day but nothing too big and later that night everyone enjoyed the casserole Mr. and Mrs. Knight had given them, even Slimer got a slice and did not eat the whole thing.

It was a great meal and combined with the long day of ghost bagging the guys called it a night and went to bed.

Little did they know that the ghost kid they’d captured that morning was not as weak as the gang thought and they had plans in store for the Ghostbusters when they woke up in the morning.

 You see this ghost had let them capture it so they would take it to their headquarters. And because they were too tired they left the containment unit out, figuring that nothing too dangerous could get out but they were very wrong.

With this ghost in the Ghostbuster’s Headquarters and said team members in the next room it was time for its plan to go into action.

While the guys slept, drooled, snored, and mumbled the ghost misted their way out of the container and glided over the four sleeping men.

“How foolish these mortals are. They underestimated me because I took on the form of a child; if only they knew truth. “

“That I am more powerful than they could ever imagine.”

“No matter though, because soon all they’ll be known for are their wild imaginations.

Have a nice sleep, kiddies.”  The ghost laughed maniacally and began humming.

It sounded like the tune from a lullaby and made all four grown men smile and curl up in their sleep as if dreaming of the times when lullabies were most valued in their lives.

In truth, the humming was an ancient spell and as the ghost hummed it more a soft, blue, and smoky colored cloud surrounded the slumbering team in a warm embrace.

When it had completely engulfed them the ghost started shifting its form to become more solidified.

It was now covered by a thick, ragged cloak with a hood completely shadowing its face.

It seemed to be a combination of human and beast-like features but what traits appeared human were severely muted by the animalistic ones, as if whoever this ghost was had traded in their humanity for the powers they now possessed, unaware of the changes it would undoubtedly give to them.

Now that it had an actual mouth it began speaking words in rhythm with the humming it’d done and drew strange signs in the air that transformed the large blue cloud into four small balls of light.

With a sneer that showed the ghost creature’s sharpened human teeth, they flung their hand up and in a flash the four orbs containing the ghostbusters were gone.

Nothing left of them but the imprints in their mattresses.

“Have fun in the future boys. Hope you enjoy your new lives there because there is no way to return.” The ghost gave one last cackle before disappearing back to its world.


 Meanwhile, Ray was tossing in his sleep. 

Mumbling something about a ghost, a strange tune, and a warm feeling overcoming him that sent him into a deeper sleep he was starting to wake from.

Suddenly he was forced awake. Like something bad had happened and he needed to wake the rest of the guys up.

Glancing around the pitch black room he relied on his hearing and was greeted with quiet snores, sleep talk, and the quiet of the night.

He smiled even though it was very dark in the room and covered his mouth as a yawn escaped.

Curling back up under his sheets he gripped his pillow and stuffed Stay Puff Marshmallow mascot and went back to his dreams; unaware of the terror that would greet him and his teammates come morning.

TRG 4 Ghostbusters and a Time Travel Dilemma

Hello DA I'm finally back and uploading!


This time I'm working on a story with the main four Ghostbusters from The Real Ghostbuster's TV series, for those of you who know about it or remember it great! For others, it basically takes place after the first live action movie and the guys, plus their green slimy ghost buddy Slimer, go on ghost hunting adventures.


The summary for this story is: After the guys catch a certain ghost they believe to be harmless, they wind up not only in the future, 2015 that is :D, but are also the size of babies and toddlers with their adult minds still intact. They don’t know how they got here or why they’re kids again but what they do know is they want to get back to their own time, after all this future is NOTHING like they were told it would be like :giggle:. Though with a rude teenager for a babysitter, who couldn’t care less about watching four tiny ghostbusters, will the guys even survive till their new caretaker returns?

Read to find out ^^


I also want to note that this story will be more OC based, since it takes place in the future, so if having an OC take care of the Ghostbusters is not how you like your stories to roll. Or aren’t interested in them being babies then please don’t read this.

 This story is something that I’m finally getting down to writing and I want to do it my way and not have to listen to fans complain and whine about how the story should go.

I will be accepting critiques in the comments, but ONLY on how the personalities of the characters should act and nothing more got it!


And for one final note this story takes inspiration from two great DA artists in both the drawing and writing mediums.

They are :icongirlyghoul: from her story “Terminators n’ Training Wheels”(Go read it if you like cute little Supernatural Sam and Dean!), and :icontdotbabs:’s picture “Baby Peter”.

This is important


As I said in the beginning, if you don’t like the story then don’t read it and I won’t have to deal with people not listening when I say I do not steal other fanfiction ideas.


I hope those of you who DO read my story like it. I already have the first part of the story made the way I want to but after that then I will be asking for other ideas for further chapters so if you can come up with something good then I might put it in as its own chapter and give you credit for that chapter.


Okay so this has gone on long enough for now.

I hope everyone enjoys the story and will be supportive of me and excited to see updates to it.

Can’t wait to read your comments, if you leave any.

If you don’t then that’s fine with me too.

Bye everybody! :wave:


I finally got to see the second Avenger's movie today and I don't care what some people think IT WAS AWESOME!!!! The plots and stories and every twist that was brought out was perfectly performed, good job cast can't wait to see how Avenger's 3 goes! I also loved the fact we got to see more to Bruce than in the first Avenger's *hopes there are more feels to come*.
So that's my take on how I felt this movie was done, thanks for reading and hope YOU get the chance to see it too.
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Attention! To all those out there who like Pokémon and Guardians of the Galaxy I am in need of help.

Recently I've been coming up with Pokémon based off of some of my favorite Marvel characters, currently it's the Avengers but I'm branching out into the other heroes/villians too.

What I need help in is finding a good Pokémon match that Peter Quill a.k.a Star Lord fits with.

If anyone has a suggestion then please comment below.

Thank you all very much and I can't wait to see your suggestions!
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I finally got to see the second Avenger's movie today and I don't care what some people think IT WAS AWESOME!!!! The plots and stories and every twist that was brought out was perfectly performed, good job cast can't wait to see how Avenger's 3 goes! I also loved the fact we got to see more to Bruce than in the first Avenger's *hopes there are more feels to come*.
So that's my take on how I felt this movie was done, thanks for reading and hope YOU get the chance to see it too.
  • Mood: Excited
  • Watching: Original Incredible Hulk Series


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